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    Dr Sobel treats all types of Chronic Pain. Low Back, Neck, Hip, Shoulder, Knee, Runners Knee. Acute Pain treated as well.

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    Dr. Sobel has an expertise in treating chronic tendon problems like tennis and golfer's elbow, tendon pain on the side of the hip as well as Achilles tendonitis.

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Neck & Low Back Pain

What is the best way to treat acute neck and low back pain? It might surprise you. For decades bed rest was the preferred method of treatment for acute or recent onset back pain. Over the past two decades, scientists have looked very closely at this recommendation. The truth of the matter is that more than a few days of bed rest slows the recovery process.

Hip Pain

Did you know that hip pain can actually be coming from the low back? How to know if it is….. Often times my patients will report that they have hip pain when in reality their problem stems from the lower back. Hip joint pain is almost always centered on the groin with some going into the front of the thigh and less often the buttocks.

Shoulder Pain

Does your shoulder hurt when you are doing things overhead? What are the best treatments for shoulder pain? The first thing that your doctor has to determine is whether the pain is coming from the neck or the shoulder itself. Shoulder pain is usually made worse when performing activities overhead or reaching behind you