Tenex Procedure for Chronic Tendinitis

Tenex Procedure

What is the Tenex Procedure?

Have you been suffering from tendonitis for months on end? If you’ve tried rest, physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, or cortisone injections with no success, Dr. Sobel offers a solution that does not involve general or open surgery and may give you a reduction in pain.

Tenex Health TX™ is revolutionizing the treatment of tendonitis and soft tissue injuries. This procedure — Fasciotomy and Surgical Tenotomy (may also be referred to as Focused Aspiration of Scar Tissue) – is a minimally invasive, non-surgical approach for eliminating scar tissue, the source of chronic tendon pain.

What conditions can Tenex Health TX™ help?

Tenex Health TX™ can treat chronic tendonitis in the elbow, shoulder, and knee. Some of the most common types of tendonitis treated by Tenex Health TX™ include:

Best of all, most people can return to their normal daily activities or sport within 6-12 weeks.

How is the Tenex Health TX™ performed?

Tenex Health TX™ is an alternative to surgery. It is performed at our Surgical Center under conscious sedation. This is medication provided by intravenous route to put you to sleep for a short period of time. The procedure uses the TX1 or TX2™ Tissue Removal System by Tenex Health. After the area to be treated is numbed with a local anesthetic, Dr. Sobel will make a small incision.

Using ultrasound guidance to target the exact location of pain, Dr. Sobel inserts the toothpick-sized tip of the TX Tissue Removal System into the affected tendon. The tip emits ultrasonic energy, which breaks down damaged, painful scar tissue without disturbing the surrounding healthy tendon tissue.

After the scar tissue is removed, the incision is closed with an adhesive bandage. There are no stitches required, and the treatment only takes about 20-30 minutes to perform.

By removing the unhealthy scar tissue, new and healthier tissue can grow, restoring your natural tendon function.

What are the benefits of Tenex Health TX™?

  • It relieves the pain of chronic tendonitis
  • It is a safe and effective alternative to open surgery
  • It is minimally invasive and virtually painless, using only a tiny 3 mm incision
  • It is performed using a local anesthetic. No stitches are necessary
  • The procedure is performed in 15 minutes or less
  • The recovery time is quick; it only takes 1 to 2 months to heal and resume your activities

You don’t have to live with tendonitis anymore. Get back to your active life with the Tenex Health TX™ – the new treatment of choice for tendon pain. Ask Dr. Sobel in Phoenix, AZ if Tenex Health TX™ is the right procedure for you. Call Dr Sobel to schedule your appointment today at 602-385-4160.