Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain can have many causes. The most common are problems within the shoulder itself such as tendinitis, bursitis and arthritis. Shoulder pain can also be referred from the neck from a “pinched nerve” or from the joints in the spine. Lastly, shoulder pain can also be referred pain from internal organs such as the gallbladder.

If the pain is primarily from the shoulder than activities such as reaching over head or behind will increase the pain. If the shoulder pain is from the neck then of course moving your neck will aggravate the pain. Some people have problems in both areas making the situation a bit more complex. Dr. Sobel will ask you questions that will help determine whether the pain is neck or shoulder or both.

It is very important that before starting treatment for shoulder pain the cause(s) of the shoulder pain is determined. Treatments for shoulder pain can include cortisone injections, anti-inflammatory medications, ice or heat and physical therapy.