Sacroiliac Joint Pain Relief

Relieving Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Pain from the sacroiliac joint can be reduced significantly or completely eliminated by an injection under x-ray guidance. Low back pain is a very common problem in society today. Sacroiliac joint pain is not a common cause of back pain in most people. It is estimated that anywhere from 5-10% of patients complaining of back pain have the majority of their pain from this joint. The sacroiliac joint is the place where the spine attaches to the pelvis. Diagnosing pain from this joint can be very challenging even for the most experienced doctors. It has been shown in medical studies that the only way to really determine if this joint is causing pain is to inject it under x-ray guidance. X-ray guidance is necessary because the joint cannot be felt on the surface of the skin. One clue that pain is coming from this joint is that the person points to an area just below and to the side of the low back as to where they hurt the most.

In the last few months I have performed sacroiliac joint injections in 6 patients. All of them had either partial or complete resolution of their pain.