Exercises for Low Back Pain

In my day to day practice as a Physical Medicine doctor I am frequently asked by my patients what are the best exercises to do for the lower back. My usual response is to do whatever exercise(s) you enjoy the most whether it be weight lifting, yoga, cycling, stretching, hiking etc. In a previous blog I wrote about “core exercises” and whether or not they have any effect on low back pain issues. The conclusion from two studies was that there was no proven benefit. With that said, I think the minimum a person can do to help their back pain issues is at least some stretching exercises and perhaps some strengthening exercises for the low back. I have included two videos that goes through and shows some of these stretches and strengthening exercises. Before performing any of these routines it is best to be evaluated by your doctor to make sure that it is safe to proceed.

The first video is on strengthening exercises and the second is for stretching exercises for lower back pain.



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