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How to Lessen Chronic Low Back Pain

How To Lessen Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is a very common in life. It is very important for your pain management doctor to have a clear understanding of some of the do’s and don’ts in the care of someone with acute back pain. Earlier this year a very interesting study was published in the European Spine Journal. In February 2011 over 65,000 Japanese filled out an internet survey on back pain. It was found that there are certain risk factors for developing chronic low back pain.  One of the most important risk factors was giving the advice to rest for back pain by one of your healthcare providers. When rest was compared to the advice of continuing with daily activities in spite of back pain, the likelihood of developing chronic problems went up three times. The current recommendation from all the major medical societies is to no to lie in bed for more than two days. Anything more than that significantly reduced the ability of the body to recover. Bed rest for back pain should be viewed as a consequence of the pain and not a treatment.

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