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Exercise is the Best Treatment for Chronic Back Pain

Is it okay to exercise when you have back pain? For most people it is in fact the best treatment. Exercise can reduce pain, increase function and reduce disability in those suffering from chronic pain. Over the last decade and a half the focus on those with chronic back pain has been to lessen their pain with use of long term narcotics. That from of treatment has turned out to be huge bust and has lead to a substantial increase in addiction rates, emergency room visits for drug over dose and deaths. In 2013 there were more deaths from prescription drug overdose than from car accidents in the United States. Furthermore, the medical studies of those patients on chronic narcotic treatment have revealed that they have lower function and greater disability than those that are not. When patients on high dose narcotics are weaned off or the amount that they are taking is reduced by a considerable amount there is really no change in their pain levels and most function at a higher level.

So what has been proven to work for those suffering with chronic back pain- intensive exercise. Curious? Click on the link below and watch this video and learn.

Boot Camp for Back Pain

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