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Do cycling orthotics or wedges for pronation, a varus forefoot or arch support prevent or reduce injury in cyclists?

A big push these days in the cycling industry to use orthotics or wedges.  in cycling shoes to prevent injury. I was always under the impression that this was being recommended because it had been studied scientifically. I saw my podiatrist yesterday because I wanted to get a pair for my cycling shoes to make my knees feel better when I ride hard. He told me that there is no medical evidence that orthotics prevent or reduce injury rate in cyclists. What they may help with is cycling efficiency. I decided to do a search on this topic and he was right! Amazing how things get started in medicine and are taken as being the truth and standard for care when in reality it has never been studied. Another example is bed rest and back pain. It was once thought that if you have back pain you should lie in bed. This was recommended for decades by doctors and was written in the major medical textbooks. When it was finally studied, it was found to be wrong and that bed rest actually slows recovery. The one thing that you can always count on is that conventional wisdom is usually wrong.

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