Specializing in Spine, Sports & Physical Medicine

Conditions Treated

At Sobel Spine and Sports in Phoenix, Arizona our focus is on comprehensive pain management and rehabilitation of your pain problems. On each new patient Dr. Jerry Sobel performs a focused history and physical exam, and he reviews prior X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, EMGs or lab work.  Dr. Sobel will order additional diagnostic tests- X-ray, MRI, CT scan, EMG or laboratory testing in order to make a correct diagnosis. Each patient is given a personalized treatment program that may include medications, selective spinal injections- epidurals, selective nerve root, or facet joint injections, peripheral joint injections, and an exercise-based physical therapy program. Dr. Jerry Sobel is a leader in pain management, low back and neck conditions, arthritis and sports related injuries. Dr. Sobel sees patients from throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler and Glendale, Arizona.

Conditions Treated

Acute and Chronic Neck and Low Back Conditions

Non Operative Orthopedic Injuries

  • Shoulder pain
  • Elbow pain- Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow
  • Tenex procedure
  • Hip and groin pain
  • Knee pain
  • Sports Specific- Cycling, Running, Swimming, Weightlifting

Evaluation of Nerve and Extremity Pain, Numbness or Weakness

We Accept Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Claims

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